October 9, 2007

Programming project

Over the weekend I upgraded my operating system. for the most part it was a straight forward upgrade. The reason for the upgrade was to have […]
October 9, 2007

New Glasses

After years since my last check up at the optometrist, I finally made an appointment to update my perscription and get a new pair of glasses. […]
October 9, 2007

Steve Jobs Words of Wisdom

I saw this video over the weekend and it really struck a cord with me. Steve Jobs is a guy that I really respect.
October 5, 2007


my websites continue to get traffic, but I’m having a hard time getting past the 50 visitors per day number on halotis.com. the hurdle is not […]
October 5, 2007

Coding project

I’m working on a new program at home to grab stock information and store it in files on my machine. In the first phase of implementation […]
October 5, 2007

Almost time for a new computer

It’s almost time to retire my laptop. It’s been pretty sketchy for a while now. But it served it’s purpose well for 5 years and has […]
October 2, 2007

Finding Passive Income

Back in June, I made a promise to myself to develop a through understanding of how to make passive income. It turns out that it’s much […]
October 1, 2007

Relearning Python

I have a new programming hobby project that I’ve been thinking about for the last week, in fact I never got to sleep last night until […]
October 1, 2007

Apple stock is soaring

My Apple stock is continuing to hit new highs. It’s been an incredible ride this year. The stock is up 5% this week, 12% for the […]