August 14, 2007

Get Yourself a Moleskin!

Early this month I decided to pick up a small notebook that I could use when I’m out and want to write down ideas. Having something […]
August 13, 2007

Giving up on Windows

Over the last few days my computer has been crashing constantly.  Firefox has been hanging and basically making everything rediculously frustrating to use. I belive that […]
August 12, 2007

Test Sketchcast

August 11, 2007

new website is already getting readers

Earlier this week I started another blog. It’s been pretty secretive so far… the only person I’ve told about it has been Colum, but already I’ve […]
August 10, 2007

Dive into Affiliate Marketing

Just 10 days into the Thirty Day Challenge and I’m already hooked on the idea of becoming a serious internet marketer. I’ve found a number of […]
August 10, 2007

Create a Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy for a company is vital to its success. The marketing strategy that I have defined for HalOtis is to leverage the online world […]
August 9, 2007

I decided to invest a little more money

I just picked up a domain name and hosting from godaddy. my new site is going to be It’s going to be an affiliate site […]
August 9, 2007

Jessica Alba filming at my building this weekend.

Jessica Alba will be on set for most of Saturday at the intersection near my office filming “The Eye”, a remake of a Hong Kong horror […]
August 9, 2007

John Chow is giving away another copy of my favorite book

John Chow is holding another contest giving away my favorite book.