July 18, 2007

Starting Business Two of Ten

Continuing on from the motivation that I got from Tim Ferriss’ book “4 hour work week” it’s time to have a second go at creating a […]
July 18, 2007

I don’t understand Airlines

The last few weeks we’ve been looking at flights. Specifically flights home for christmas. What we’ve found is entirely frustrating. Flying from Vancouver to St. John’s […]
July 16, 2007

new theme on Halotis.com

For the past few nights I’ve been sitting at the computer until late in the night working on the new theme.  It’s deceptively difficult work to […]
July 16, 2007

New Theme

After much fidgeting with CSS to get the site working in Internet Explorer I was finally ready to set the updated theme live. I would very […]
July 15, 2007

New Rug

I admit, I was suckered into a store because there was a big 70% off sticker in the window. It’s a small rug store just across […]
July 13, 2007

Good days

  Several things going on.   It’s Friday It’s payday we had a free lunch, and I get to take a whole leftover pizza home   […]
July 12, 2007

Time to tweak the page design

This page has looked the same for a while now.  It’s time for a change. There’s a bunch of things that I don’t particularly like about […]
July 11, 2007

Flax and Eating Healthy

One of the things I recieved in my care package from the Calgary 10K was a small sample of golden roasted flax seed.  It was good.  […]
July 10, 2007

Photos of Calgary