April 20, 2007

Google Snoop Progress

progress on googlesnoop has been pretty slow.  I have the page up, but the scripts that are supposed to power the site, are not yet completed. […]
April 19, 2007

The glory that is 20 Inch Monitors

This morning when I got into work I found two new 20 inch widescreen monitors on my desk.   One of the perks to working at a […]
April 18, 2007

Keys to the ZipCar

The application finally went through, and I’m now a member of ZipCar.  The card arrived last week and I’ll be able to activate it now, and […]
April 18, 2007

Owner of a coveted Dale Carnegie Pen.

Finally after weeks being envious of all those students in the class to win a special Dale Carnegie pen I was awarded one last night for […]
April 17, 2007


The last few days I’ve had a lot of paperwork to do.   Taxes this year were extremely confusing. With all the jobs, owning a business, […]
April 15, 2007

Vancouver Sun Run 2007

Today is the Vancouver Sun Run. The annual event is a 10km run. the route goes right past our apartment so we went down to watch […]
April 15, 2007

New Camera

Yesterday we rented bikes for a few hours. We had a good ride along the seawall to get to Best buy. We knew that we wanted […]
April 13, 2007

The Secret

Last weekend we watched “The Secret” a book and idea made popular by being featured on Oprah.   One idea that I got from watching the DVD […]
April 13, 2007

On becoming a millionaire

I’ve set a new goal for myself.    I want to save 20% of my gross income and invest it.  I’m going to do it by […]