January 25, 2007

Making money with Credit cards

There’s an easy way to make a few extra bucks with a credit card that offers 0% on balance transfers.  This is what I did.   […]
January 24, 2007

Robots Increase Visa Credit Limit

To pay for the Dale Carnegie course, I needed to increase my credit limit on my Visa. Last night I made a call into the 1 […]
January 24, 2007

Upgrades to Halotis.com

Yesterday Halotis.com got a small upgrade.  The biggest differences are the changes to the commenting system.  Now on the sidebar there is a list of the […]
January 23, 2007

Importance of Leadership to Business Success

Great leaders are made, not born. Leadership is a requirement to any successful business because the nature of of good leadership is that it provides important […]
January 22, 2007

Nintendo Wii

This morning I was reading about the Nintendo Wii, and how hard they still are to find in stock.  In fact I was surprised to find […]
January 22, 2007

Dale Carnegie Course Approved!

Looks like I’ll be attending a night course from February 13th until May 8th every tuesday from 6pm until 10pm in Burnaby.  The course description is […]
January 21, 2007


I’m trying to make sure that I post something to this blog every day, but at least every other day. For the Halotis.com site, I’m going […]
January 21, 2007

Swimming outside in January

Last night at the hotel I took advantage of the indoor/outdoor pool for an evening swim. Outdoors swimming in January was a lot more pleasant than […]
January 19, 2007

Living at the 4 Seasons

Thanks to Heather’s excellent employer, we have been able to get 2 free nights at the 4 Seasons Hotel in downtown Vancouver. Last night and tonight […]