January 11, 2007

New Opinion on RRSPs

I used to have a very closed minded view about RRSPs. Before I started reading about making money it seemed like the obvious thing to do […]
January 11, 2007

Pay Per Post

Yesterday I signed up for the Pay Per Post website. I was able to register my personal blog at www.halotis.com/otis in their system which means that […]
January 9, 2007

Apple iPhone

The new Apple iPhone is a thing of beauty the likes of which is beyond what I could have imagined.  I would estimate that the phone is […]
January 8, 2007

Robert Allen Institute

Yesterday I attended a two hour talk/sales pitch about the Robert Allen Institute Training program. After 2 hours, I have to admit I was ready to […]
January 8, 2007

Buying Real Estate

When investing in real estate your money is made when you buy not when you sell. There are two basic investment situations, either you’re picking up […]
January 7, 2007


Fire in our apartment building tonight! It wasn’t my fault. Midway through cooking bacon wrapped steaks for supper, the building’s fire alarm went off. I calmly […]
January 6, 2007

Dale Carnegie

To all those people going to MUN who complain that $1500 is too much to spend for a term of school. I may have the chance to […]
January 5, 2007

Ready for Retirement

Although my job is going pretty good, I’ve set my sights on an early retirement.  By early, I mean that I want to be able to […]
January 5, 2007

More sun

The days are thankfully starting to get longer, and I’m walking home from work at sunset rather than after dark. It is rather frustrating after a while of […]