December 9, 2006

Office Christmas party

On Friday the office closed early and everyone went down to the Conference room for some drinks, mingling, the Newbie skit and the Christmas movie. The […]
December 1, 2006

New Suit

Tis the season, and that means Christmas parties.  Heather’s office is throwing one on Saturday (Tomorrow) and mine is the week after.  Both promise to be […]
November 27, 2006

Web project

I haven’t given up on the website idea that I had a few weeks ago.    With a bit of encouragement from my good friend Colum, […]
November 25, 2006

Net Worth

This is the second month now since I’ve started what I hope will be a habit of mine. I created a spreadsheet to track my net […]
November 24, 2006

Company Skit

Every year CCL throws an office Christmas party.  Everyone goes and drinks on a Friday afternoon downstairs in one of the convention rooms in the building.  […]
November 23, 2006


There was something I read while ago about how to make good decisions.   A few years ago someone told me that being a good decision maker, […]
November 19, 2006


On Friday I went out for lunch with the guys from work. I had an interesting conversation with one of my co-workers about becoming vegetarian. Apparently […]
October 30, 2006

New Project

Despite my statement in a recent posting that I would be holding off on any spending I did have to spend a bit of money this […]
October 27, 2006

Web 2.0 startup

Everyone these days is starting a Web 2.0 company.  I’m excited to say that I’m going to be one of them.   Unfortunately I can’t tell […]