January 31, 2006


It would appear that Take-Two, owner of Rockstar Games, is facing some financial difficulties. The company is having a hard time in finding someone willing to […]
January 26, 2006

Russians Mining the Moon

Nikolay Sevastyanov, head of the Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, Russia has announced a plan to land on the moon for the purpose of mining for […]
January 25, 2006

MacBook Madness

Mary mother of God. If you’ve recently purchased a new iBook, Apple has decided to piss you off to do something crazy like releasing a laptop […]
January 25, 2006

Now it’s not just your mom checking…

Turns out the US Justice Department has issued a subpoena to Google to release all search queries run through Google’s search engine between June 1 and […]
January 25, 2006

Russian Clipper to launch in 2013

Russian space officicals have announced that the Soyuz replacement will be ready to launch in 2013, and will start bringing cosmonauts into space by 2015. Soyuz […]
January 21, 2006

Steady Cam

I build a steady cam for my video camera. Ideas for scripts are floating around in my head. But it works pretty well.
January 18, 2006

New ion propulsion engine has big promises

The European Space agency has done tests on a new design for an Ion propulsion engine which they expect will be 10 times more efficient then […]
January 18, 2006

Perpendicular recording expands Hard Drive Capacities

This year at CES Seagate announce the next greatest thing in hard drive technology. In February this year they expect to start shipping notebook hard disks […]
January 16, 2006

The Plan

Lately I’ve been taking time to think about my plan and my life goals. The job I have has been rather good since I started with […]