December 28, 2005

Christmas cheer

Christmas was, as always, great. Friends are home for the holidays, Family get togethers were as good as they always are. There was an endless supply […]
December 23, 2005

The search for smaller Earth-threatening asteroids

As part of the re-authorization bill passed by the congress and awaiting Bush’s signature NASA will lead a search for asteroids that could be threatening Earth. […]
December 22, 2005

I’m a big idea kind of guy.

I just had another big idea. a web based visio type program. doable? well only with firefox 1.5. I couldn’t find anyone else working on anything […]
December 22, 2005

How much money do I really need?

A posting that I read this morning inspired me to think about what kind of income I need in order to meet my life goals. So […]
December 17, 2005

Apple ‘s Black iBooks

The rumour mill is working at full speed these days with regards to what will be the next move made by Apple Computers. In advance of […]
December 14, 2005

Nervousness creeping in

Over the past few months I’ve been trying to find a way out of this province and into a job that I’d enjoy. Working for the […]
December 13, 2005

Virgin Galactic Announces Space port in New Mexico

Richard Branson made the announcement today that the launch site for the Virgin Galactic Space program would be built in New Mexico 25 miles south of […]
December 12, 2005

TIME: 50 Coolest websites

From the people who are known for their pick of the “Person of the Year”, TIME Magazine has now unveiled its list of the 50 Coolest […]
December 12, 2005

Halo Zero: A 2-D Adventure

This game is absolutely worth a check. Halo Zero is a classic style 2-D adventure featuring the Master chief battling the god forsaken covenant in Contra […]