December 12, 2005

China Tops Tech World

Perhaps in a sign of things to come, China has officially usurped the United States as the world’s #1 exporter of Technology goods. The numbers are […]
December 12, 2005

Subaru: From the Outback to Minefields

While other automotive companies have focused on the development of crowd pleasing, dancing, humanoid, soccer playing robots the Japanese car company Subaru has focused its efforts […]
December 12, 2005

EA enters Mobile Gaming

Electronic Arts, widely viewed as the largest developer of video games has opted to enter the Mobile Gaming Market. BusinessWeek on line reports that EA has […]
December 11, 2005

NASA outsourcing space travel

Over the next 4 years NASA plans on spending $500 million on developing the capability in the private sector to be able to deliver payloads and […]
December 8, 2005

More work to do

I have been very surprised at how productive it is to go somewhere and talk to people. My trip to Quebec has given me a good […]
December 7, 2005

From Quebec

I would never buy a Grand AM. It’s been a while since I’ve had to drive with an automatic transmission, and I can now affirm that […]
December 5, 2005

Microsft IE exposes Google Desktop to Hackers

Once again, a critical flaw in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Browser has put our privacy at the hands of Hackers. Reports that this time it’s not […]
December 5, 2005

‘Greatest Rewards on Earth’ picks an Astronaut

Julie Krause, A 27-year-old mother of one from Centurion, South Africa was drawn as the winner of a space trip aboard one of Virgin Galactic’s sub-orbital […]
December 5, 2005

Futuristic Weapons Program to be Cut?

Perhaps the Threat of Star Wars, Giant Laser beams, Weather Controller Machines, Microwave Guns, space capable fighters and Robotic Soldiers is not as close as we […]