April 8, 2005

I’m having a great day. It’s beautiful outside 14 degrees. The graphics exam went awesome, and I just got news that my scholarship is available to […]
April 6, 2005

Until my first exam on Friday, I’m studying Graphics. I’ll be glad to have that course completely done with. I took a couple of pictures now […]
April 5, 2005

Pleased to find out that I won another $2000 scholarship this year. It’s a nice chunk, but only brings my total debt down to 15K. I’m […]
April 4, 2005

done and done. no more work for me to do now other than study, and make sure I ace all my exams. I have the next […]
April 3, 2005

I hate OpenGL A lot of thing have happened these past 8 months, that have changed me personally. Not course related but my extra-curricular reading. I’ve […]
April 2, 2005

so I’m screwed. I was too ambitious with my graphics assignment. I’m hoping for a pass. It turns out that modeling physics is ridiculously hard. So […]
April 1, 2005

I’m dreaming about my return to 2 wheel freedom this summer. That’s right. I can’t wait to get my motorcycle out of cold storage, fix it […]
March 31, 2005

Last day of classes. But I won’t be able to sleep in tomorrow morning because of this Graphics project looming over my head. As it currently […]
March 30, 2005

things are finally starting to hit other things. Now I just have to tune it up. make my collisions more accurate, and get some sort of […]