March 29, 2005

I think I finally cracked it. I’m going to code it up tonight and see if my solution works. Once things are crashing I can get […]
March 28, 2005

back for some more. This is the last week of class for me. I’m trying to come up with a few more money making ideas for […]
March 27, 2005

So today was pretty useless. I did a lot of moving my code around and never accomplished any more objectives. I did however move the terrain […]
March 26, 2005

I took another extended break this morning. We’ll find out later if that was a mistake. I’ve taken a look back at the proposal I hope […]
March 26, 2005

Calling it a night so I have time to dream about solutions to code tomorrow.
March 26, 2005

initial velocities is now working.
March 26, 2005

Everything is falling at the same speed now.
March 26, 2005

I’ve had my first minor success. Things are falling and accelerating. The problem is that things don’t fall at the same speed. They fall depending on […]
March 24, 2005

My marathon begins… I’ll post screenshots of my prgress. Hopefully you’ll see something other than a black screen by Monday.