February 22, 2005

Today I took a walk over to Chapters to pick up a new book. I’m hoping that on my break Thursday and Friday I’ll have time […]
February 20, 2005

Saturday wasn’t nearly as productive as it could have been. I spent the day watching some movies that I added to my collection. On Friday I […]
February 18, 2005

It’s been over one month since I’ve had to use my phone. By the way.. if you call me leave a message, or you will never […]
February 16, 2005

I don’t think there are any classes tomorrow but it’s hard to find the details on the campus website. yesterday I received my first CDs from […]
February 13, 2005

It wasn’t supposed to happen but I stayed the night in the graphics lab. Unfortunately I only made meager progress on my assignment… probably should have […]
February 11, 2005

I came across an interesting idea for making money today. It involves using Google Adsense and Blogger. The idea is simple. Use Google search to aggregate […]
February 10, 2005

I’m in another dilemma today. I came across a poster for flight school. it’s only ground lessons, but it’s being offered on campus on Sunday afternoons. […]
February 9, 2005

I just wanted to tell people about the Google Maps page. It’s an example of how to create killer applications on the web. you should really […]
February 7, 2005

it’s a busy day for me. two assignments due tomorrow, and I have to have them done before I can leave to go home for the […]