February 3, 2005

The job fair yesterday wasn’t nearly as good as I was hoping. there were a few places that looked interesting but I ended up only giving […]
February 2, 2005

Today I’m all ready to strut my stuff that the Job fair. This year It’s expected to be the biggest since 2001 with 160+ employers. It’s […]
February 1, 2005

Tonight there is going to be a talk from one of the Microsoft kernel architects. It’s probably going to be one of the more interesting talks […]
January 31, 2005

I just updated my resume. I never realized that I hadn’t done anything with my web version since February last year. My resume
January 31, 2005

Here’s my screenshot of the Graphics assignment all done.
January 30, 2005

This term is flying by. At 4 weeks into the term, I’m now at about 1/3rd the way through my courses and more than 1/4 the […]
January 27, 2005

David Suzuki was on campus yesterday to do some promotion for this 1 ton challenge thing. I never realized what a celebrity he is, but the […]
January 24, 2005

It’s already week 4. And I’m still not really used to only having one class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Spent most of the day trying […]
January 22, 2005

The talk yesterday evening was pretty interesting, although it seemed to be a bit promotional. Jim Mitchell is working on creating a new architecture for high […]