December 15, 2004

The Networks exam was a breeze. In fact just before we started the exam the prof said it would only take us 1 hour to finish. […]
December 13, 2004

There’s finally some snow on the ground here. Not much just a couple of inches but, the weather seems to have cooled enough that it might […]
December 11, 2004

Studying for exams. Networks on the 13th Distributed on the 17th French on the 21st Real-time on the 22nd. Quick change of plans last night on […]
December 10, 2004

I started to work on my microphone program while on the train going to Montreal. so far there’s just a couple of basic functions implemented. The […]
December 10, 2004

The trip to Montreal is over. It was interesting to have to travel there for just one 1.5hour interview. My impressions of Montreal have changed from […]
December 6, 2004

Things are finally starting to slow down. I’m going to enjoy taking the time to read on the train to Montreal. School this term has gotten […]
December 5, 2004

what a messy week. I came in to school on Wednesday morning at 9am, took a 3 hour nap on Thursday at 8am, then finally made […]
December 2, 2004

Planning on spending the night again. The final train assignment is due on Friday and there’s still lots of work to do. I’m expecting that the […]
November 30, 2004

Figured I’d write something constructive about my Real-time assignment. I’ve been talking a lot about how much work I’ve had to do in this course, and […]