November 17, 2004

Whoa, It’s 2pm now. I’m not going home today until 4. And I’ve been on campus since 8:30am yesterday. that’s a record for me. That’ll be […]
November 15, 2004

Tonight is going to be a long long night. The next kernel assignment is due on Wednesday and I have my doubts that it will be […]
November 13, 2004

Stayed late last night. never made it out of the lab until around 3am. There was still about 10 people in the lab when I left. […]
November 12, 2004

I think this friday night is going to be a long one. last night and today I managed to finish writing the grid software that I […]
November 10, 2004

I’ve started missing a few days here and there because my schedule has just exploded. Last weeks midterms put me behind on all my assignments. it’s […]
November 6, 2004

There’s a really cool site that I don’t know how I went so long without stumbling over. The concept is really neat. It’s a publically […]
November 4, 2004

the week was more of a disaster than I had anticipated. The French test was a disgrace, Networks Exam went miserably, and the Kernel assignment mysteriously […]
November 1, 2004

And so it begins.
October 31, 2004

It’s amazing how productive I can be when it really matters. I finished 5 pages of the research paper for Distributed today, that’s my half and […]