October 25, 2004

Ok, my last posting was on thursday. I missed a few days because the wireless internet was down here at school over the weekend and I […]
October 21, 2004

staying late again tonight. this time not for a programming assignment but for a French paper. It’s easier to write with the help of the internet […]
October 20, 2004

I had the job interview this morning. I think it went well. I expect that I will hear from them in a week or so. It […]
October 19, 2004

I got some good news today. First, I got my student loan… I’m rich. And second, I got an interview tomorrow with a company called NITI. […]
October 18, 2004

The start of another hectic week.
October 17, 2004

Ok so I got the videos of the concert up now. Here’s a picture of Jazz, it’s not the best quality but that’s what happens in […]
October 16, 2004

Back in the lab today as always. I looked at my schedule and realized that this week’s workload will be the first of many more. The […]
October 15, 2004

The show last night was a lot of fun. Jazzy Jeff is too cool. I took a few video clips and one picture to remember the […]
October 14, 2004

So I missed posting yesterday because things have been getting too hectic for me. I ended up staying in the lab until 4am. Gross. To bed […]