April 5, 2004

It’s been a couple of days since I’ve written anything.. Yesterday I went to look at a place for September, but it wasn’t what I was […]
April 2, 2004

Today was the lat day of classes. So No there are only exams left for me to finish. I called a couple of places to set […]
April 1, 2004

My French test went well today. I have another one tomorrow though. Then it’s study for my first CS exam on Monday. It’s not one that […]
March 31, 2004

Today had very mixed good and bad news. Good news: the student loan is in my bank account so I’m now a rich student. ( why […]
March 30, 2004

I thought I’d post that screenshot of my UI assignment. It’s a simple little program written in python with the tk toolkit for the widgets. it […]
March 29, 2004

I watched Intolerable cruelty last night. Not a bad movie. It is very obviously a Tarantino film. Today was the last day for all my classes […]
March 28, 2004

The following is a draft of the letter I wrote today to express my opinions of the Newfoundland licensing scheme. There are as I see it […]
March 28, 2004

I’ve decided to write a letter about my opinions of the motorcycle licencing scheme in place in Newfoundland. I have some issues with it because there […]
March 28, 2004

There were a few surprises today for me, even though I spent the day in my room studying for my upcoming exams. I found out that […]