September 16, 2014


Talk about doing things before they were cool.  Mindfulness is a growing trend that is based on some old Buddhist techniques.  There are many variations in […]
September 11, 2014

Always Be Learning – The World Keeps Changing

Probably the best thing about being a software developer is that everything is always changing and there’s always something to keep you engaged and learning new […]
September 8, 2014

Five Year Plan

This week I started creating and executing a new 5 year plan.  The first step was a redesign of  Most of the coming changes are still in […]
September 1, 2014

1 Thing Programmers Should Do More Often

This past week I found myself with a task of creating pages on this site for all the Mobile Apps that have been developed by Halotis […]
August 30, 2014

Bike Stolen

My road bike was lifted today from the locked bike area at work – over the barbed wire fence.  🙁 It’s a sad day. I’ll have […]
August 25, 2014

Life to Old Projects

Maintenance.  UGH! We live in a world where software is part of an every evolving ecosystem of other software.  Everything is constantly changing and everything you […]
August 22, 2014

Car Paid Off

A full year before the loan was due to be paid off we managed to wipe out the last remaining debt (other than the mortgage). YAH! […]
August 16, 2014

White Shoe Syndrome

You know what you need to do to launch your business, you have the skills, you have the idea, and yet progress is slow. Maybe you […]
August 14, 2014

Adjusting to Fewer Blogs

A couple weeks ago I drastically downsized my list of subscribed blogs.  Going from skimming 200+ blog posts down to fewer than 10 per day.  It […]