July 4, 2014

Time Audit Surprise

When you measure things you can manage them – Words of wisdom from Peter Drucker. Every time I have made the effort to measure something whether […]
June 30, 2014

Time Audit

It can be eye opening to measure things for real whether it is calories or carbohydrates, or reps and weight, or cash flow and net worth.  […]
June 26, 2014

Applying The Creative Writing Process to Software

Grabbing the best ideas from other industries and applying it to your own is a fantastic way to learn and discover new ways to do things. […]
June 25, 2014

too many computers?

There are quite a few computers in the house. Heather has a MacBook Pro for herself I have a Macbook Air that I use most of the […]
June 20, 2014

Finding time to code

Finding time to write code after work, when you have an eight month old and a full time job is nearly impossible.  I’m not sure how […]
June 17, 2014

Father’s Day

This was my first Father’s Day as a father. Man, that’s still kind of weird to say. Ada’s personality is starting to show through. She’s going […]
June 12, 2014

Polyglot vs Specialization

I consider myself a fairly well rounded developer. So when it comes time to choose a technology to accomplish a task I will happily choose the […]
June 9, 2014

Selling Stuff

One of the primary goals of selling the motorcycle was to pay off the car.  We didn’t quite do that, but we got close.  An idea […]
June 5, 2014

Thoughts on Swift

So for an iOS developer like myself Swift is pretty exciting. When a new language comes along, especially one that is sure to get traction, there […]