June 1, 2014

Motorcycle SOLD

On Thursday I sold my motorcycle. I have mixed feelings about seeing it go. I really enjoyed the trips we took on that bike. We have […]
May 29, 2014

What happens when computers are smarter than you

A few years ago I was working at a finance company doing quantitative stock algorithms and I remember hearing an interesting story. Back in the early […]
May 29, 2014

Building Wealth

One of my new years resolutions is to invest more money. Last week I ordered the economic book that everyone is talking about: “Capital in the twenty […]
May 22, 2014

Indie Game Dev Bubble Has Burst

Over the last few years I have published several iOS games. The market place has changed dramatically over that time. My first game was a simple […]
May 21, 2014

Asparagus harvesting already

Amazing how quickly these things shoot up
May 15, 2014

Biking Weather

It’s finally starting to feel like summer might be coming. I’ve been able to ride my bike to work for the last couple of weeks now […]
May 14, 2014

Capital vs Labor

A lot is being said these days about inequality. It is an issue that probably won’t be going away anytime soon as the trends continue to […]
May 8, 2014

Owning a Winter Home

With the long winter here in Calgary and the recent snow storm that rolled through in the past week it got me poking around online at […]
May 4, 2014

Personal 20% Time

A 20% investment seems to be the sweet spot for a doable amount that still results in significant benefits.  In Personal Finance saving 20% of your […]