November 21, 2013

Announcing AffiliTunes

I’m happy to say that the first service under the new is open now for it’s first users. Affilitunes is a simple service to geo-target […]
November 19, 2013

Great Vacation

It was surprisingly relaxing to take a  week off and stay home while my mom and sister were visiting.  I think the time off work was […]
November 13, 2013

Taking Rails Lessons to Django

For the past couple of months I’ve been working on a number of Ruby on Rails projects with some talented and experienced developers.  After years of […]
November 9, 2013

Taking a week off

My mom and sister are going to be visiting for the next week so I decided to book some vacation days so I can spend some […]
November 3, 2013

Minimum Viable Sale (MVS)

One of the big things about running a business is managing risk.  As an entrepreneur I know that 25% of businesses fail within the first year, […]
November 1, 2013


Life with an infant is a bit of a blur.  A continuous list of concerns that need to be dealt with are making time fly. It’s […]
October 23, 2013

One Week Old

Ada is one 10 days old and the first week has been really interesting.  It’s amazing to see just how fast she is growing. Some things […]
October 22, 2013

New Site New Direction

With the launch of the new design for this site we have also taken a new tack on the strategy going forward for future development of […]
October 14, 2013

Hello World!

I’m a Dad! at 1337 on Oct 10th Ada Warren was born. Wednesday night at 11:30pm  Heather’s water broke, we made our way to the hospital. After […]