August 6, 2011

iTunes Affiliate View Controller

There are many ways that you can make money with an app on the App Store.  One of the lesser used ways is through affiliate sales. […]
August 5, 2011

Less Waiting Than Expected – Game Published!

UFO Invader – my first iPhone game is now available for sale in the App Store. It actually took much less time than I expected to […]
August 3, 2011

UFO Invader Trailer Video

This is the video trailer I did for my soon to be released UFO Invader game.  Let me know what you think.
August 3, 2011

UFO Invader Submitted – Waiting Again

Waiting seems to be something that you have to get used to when dealing with Apple.  Granted, the whole process is vastly more efficient than it was […]
August 1, 2011

Next Game

UFO Invader isn’t yet even available for sale, and there’s plenty of work to be done in the promotion and marketing of it to ensure at […]
August 1, 2011

Game Submitted

It took a bit longer to develop than I wanted, but the work was immensely fun and rewarding. My first iPhone game is now submitted and […]
July 27, 2011

The Secret to Getting Into Apple’s Developer Program Faster

It took much longer than I expected to actually sign up for the Apple iOS Developer Program.  Two weeks ago after starting the process I found […]
July 24, 2011

Game Trailer

This is what I do on nice warm Sundays. Spend them indoors working on marketing material for my upcoming iPhone game. I’m fairly pleased with how […]
July 20, 2011

Game Nearly Finished

Lots of late nights of programming have resulted in an iPhone game that is nearly ready to be released to the App Store… Just need to […]