July 18, 2011

Last 20% Takes 80% of the Time

There’s a principal called the Pareto principle or the 80/20 rule that says roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the efforts. This ratio […]
July 13, 2011

iPhone App Business Strategy

Well I’ve had so much fun writing my first iPhone game that I’m starting to think more about what to do next.  So I have put […]
July 12, 2011

Progress on Game

I have been spending most evenings for the last few weeks working on an iPhone game. It’s coming along nicely. However there are still a few […]
July 8, 2011

Waiting on Apple

I have been working on my first simple iPhone game for the last couple of weeks and now that it is getting close to finished I […]
July 7, 2011

iPhone App Store SEO

The Apple iTunes App Store search engine is a bit of a black box. Unlike Google which has some transparency (though they keep a lot of […]
July 4, 2011

iPhone App Business

One of the marketers that I follow recently made a switch in his main business focus from internet marketing products to iPhone games. In just 5 […]
June 30, 2011

iPhone Game Programming

A couple weeks ago I started working on my first iPhone game. It’s been making slow progress mostly due to distractions preventing me from sitting down […]
June 24, 2011

Efficient Tax Strategies

The single largest expense for most people is tax. Yet we spend time every day of the week focused on cutting coupons, complaining about gas that’s […]
June 23, 2011

Current Projects

Yesterday I listened to a 3 hour long webinar about Facebook marketing strategies and will be testing some stuff out around that over the next few […]