May 29, 2011

video blog Ep 5
May 26, 2011

One Week into Sauerkraut Diet

It has been 7 days since I picked up 2L of sauerkraut at Costco and thought the results so far have been interesting enough to make […]
May 26, 2011

New Phone

To celebrate hitting the threshold on my business launch, and finally getting a company credit card (after months of paperwork) I have upgraded my phone. A […]
May 24, 2011

Successful Product Launch

For the last two weeks I have been running an Internet marketing product launch for my website at Automatic Blog Machine. It turned out to be […]
May 20, 2011

Closing Automatic Blog Machine Tomorrow

The initial launch of Automatic Blog Machine has exceeded my expectations so I’m very happy to have my first users who have been plugging away at […]
May 20, 2011

Feature Creep – Knowing Where to Draw The Line

Software is a very malleable thing. Technically nearly every idea we have can be implemented and added to a software product. Knowing when to say “No” […]
May 19, 2011

New Diet Experiment

From time to time I try to change my diet and see what the effects are. Last year I ate only meat for one month – […]
May 17, 2011

BBQ Season

On Sunday we picked up a small BBQ for the patio. The warm weather has picked up rather quickly and so it will be nice to […]
May 11, 2011

RIM Following In The Path Of Yahoo

It occurred to me yesterday when I was reading an essay by technology investor and author Paul Graham called What Happened to Yahoo that RIM seems […]