Week two starts

Today is the beginning of week two in my five week internet marketing course. That means that when I go home tonight there will be many more hours of video for me to download and watch. I got through the last few bits of week 1 over the weekend. I’ve already got a lot out […]

Business ideas are a dime a dozen

Finding a good business idea is easy. Good businesses are running all around you, there’s the restaurants, coffee shops, sunglass huts, retail stores, then there’s the people that own the malls, manage the apartment buildings, and fix the toilets. There’s many businesses behind every product on the grocery store shelf, one that makes the final […]


I bought a domain name today. www.googlesnoop.com I’m going to turn it into a news site where I post mostly notices of updates to Google’s different pages, and maybe add a bit of speculation. Behind the scenes I have written some software to collect information about Google. Hopefully I’ll be able to fish up something […]