Free coding

January 7, 2017

Programming Deliberate Practice

For software developers there is an unhealthy prevailing belief that being a great programmer is some innate skill that others have. Brilliance with developing code is […]
July 25, 2015

Learning How to Learn

My recent experience with daily freecoding taught me a lot about learning programming and about how you learn new skills. There were several types of freecoding […]
July 16, 2015

Lessons From 253 Days of Consecutive Freecoding

My recent camping vacation is what broke an epic 253 day streak of github commits.  Overwhelmingly this activity was a daily practice of freecoding to see […]
November 1, 2014

Three Ways to Become a Better Programmer

Programming is a great mix of both the creative and technical skills. Problem solving on a daily basis makes it one of the best jobs imaginable. […]
October 5, 2014

5 Reasons You Should be Free Coding

Free coding is the practice of writing code quickly off the top of your head.  It should be done as part of a daily ritual for […]