November 6, 2012

Loading iOS Assets From The Web

One of the big challenges with making a big iPhone game is that to do the graphics justice at the caliber expected by gamers these days […]
July 11, 2012

App Control Demo

App Control is a Django App that I have been evolving over the last year for a backend service to support my (and my friends) iOS […]
July 5, 2012

Mixing HTML5 and Native iOS

There’s a lot of people out there who have their favorite technologies and there are few more passionate debates than the issue of using HTML5 or […]
March 14, 2012

iAd Report Downloader Script

I was surprised that there wasn’t already a script out there to download iAd reports from Apple’s iTunes Connect website. Apple released a Java based command […]
February 21, 2012

Peculiar Puzzle – Missing GET Parameters

over the last week I have been seeing an odd error usually just once or twice per day out of the 10,000+ requests per day that […]
January 5, 2012

Custom Push Notification Server

My mobile app control server is turning into a bit of a powerhouse.  The latest and perhaps most exciting addition to the server has been support […]
December 28, 2011

Creating A Custom Ad Server

Over the holidays I somehow found the time to code up an advertisement server for use with my mobile Apps.  The reason for writing a custom […]
December 14, 2011

Dealing with iOS App Rejections

Over the past few months I have released a number of apps to the Apple iTunes Store.  It’s been interesting to go though the submitting process […]
December 13, 2011

Updating iPhone Apps Without Submitting Again

Having developed a few iPhone/iPad apps now there has been a few things that have tripped me up and created more work than necessary. One of […]