House Hunting

It has been two years since we moved to Ottawa and for those two years we have been renting a house. The idea was two-fold. First, it allowed us to take the money from selling the house and invest it in stocks – increasing the diversity of investments and hopefully getting better returns. Secondly it […]

Skewing Vegetarian

One of the first things I’ve been focused on this year has been to improve my health, starting with my diet. For much of the last few years I had been impressed with the keto approach because it has been effective at controlling my weight. However it seems that it has been negatively affecting my […]

Making Ice

This year I agreed to help out the community by maintaining the community hockey rink. Luckily it’s right out the front door, so it’s easy to keep an eye on things and there’s not far to go to flood the rink and do the snow clearing. I think I underestimated just how much work it […]

A Surprising Year

I was about to write a blog post about how 2017 was one of the least dramatic years, but then skimmed through my past 12 months of blog posts and realized just how much did happen. We didn’t move, or have another baby. However, these are some of the highlights: Ada started school! I learned […]

Taking Daily Notes

One of the productivity hacks I tried this year was to keep a physical notebook with daily handwritten todo items following the Bullet Journal idea. It became part of my morning routine to try and think of 3-4 things I wanted to get done each day.  I’d refer back to my monthly goals every few […]

My Crypto Token

This weekend I was in Montreal for the PyCon Canada conference. The first time I’ve been able to attend event though it’s something I’ve debated going to almost every year for the last decade. However, the weekend was cut short to work on something more interesting. I used some of my time this weekend to […]

Cracked Tooth

Last weekend I chomped down on a jaw breaker from my Halloween candy stash and afterwards something just wasn’t quite right.  It felt like some of the candy had gotten stuck in my teeth.  I used a toothpick to try to work it free but instead of candy, what came out was a corner of […]

Overpriced Canadian Housing

There’s no doubt that the Canadian housing market is chronically over-valued. It has become an even bigger problem over the last few years as the prices of houses have pushed out new home buyers from owning and forced people to leave the cities to find cheaper housing elsewhere. There is a widespread belief that one […]