Summer Road Trips

When we got a new car last year one of the factors in deciding between all the possible options was that we wanted to spend time doing more road trips. The east coast opens up a lot travel opportunities that we did not have in Alberta. With a new comfortable car we are planning to […]

Mechanical Engineering

Over the last few weeks I have been developing my idea for a space transit technology that could deliver people and cargo to space or to the other side of the planet for 1% of the projected best estimates for SpaceX’s BFR. It’s doable without exotic materials like nano-tube ribbons that are needed for a […]

More Variety and Influence

Since pivoting to take my work in a more entrepreneurial direction 4 weeks ago I have had the opportunity to take on a broader set of responsibilities beyond just writing code. Over the last few weeks I have been assisting two new companies with some design work on company logos, pitch decks, websites, social media […]

Time To Read

For the last 2 weeks I have been working half days. And with the remainder of my time I have been able to focus on some education. As much as I usually appreciate quickness of getting things done, and the minimum viable product approach to building software it often leads to missteps.  Not knowing what […]

Spring Finally Sprung

It seemed like an excessively long winter, but the temperatures have finally cracked and today was the first day that didn’t require a jacket to feel comfortable. Over the weekend we washed the car and I prepped my motorcycle for riding.  The winter tires came off and the BBQ got fired up.  If you can’t […]

Start of a new Chapter

Today was my last day as an employee and the first working for myself. I’ve been talking about and trying to run my own businesses for a decade, finally I had the confidence to fully commit and leave the safety of my job behind. Even before telling anyone the news, things have been starting to […]

Hypothesis Driven Business

Over the last 5 years I’ve had the opportunity to integrate and work with about a dozen different companies – some big, some small, every one of them different from the others. One interesting approach that I have experienced over the last few months by one of those businesses is to take a scientific approach […]