Making Space

Been feeling overwhelmed a bit lately. Too many things happening at the same time, and things are starting to slip and get pushed more than I’d like them to – hence not keeping up with this blog and my podcast/videos for the last few weeks. There definitely seems to be the chance to cut out […]


People are interesting creatures. One of the most interesting things that I’ve been amused by recently is that we often attribute complex behaviours to some unknown factor rather than actually trying to figure it out. Sometimes it seems better not to know. Charisma is something that I’ve been intrigued with for a long time, and […]


making choices is fundamental to being human. The choices we make affects the whole trajectory of our lives from minor everyday things like how do we react to a situation to big picture things like choosing a job or mate. If we had to consciously decide on all the choices we are presented with then […]

Cislunar 1000 Vision

There are many visions for the future of humans in space. The SpaceX Starship on Mars, the Blue Origin/Gerard O’Neill rotating habitats and industrialized moon with earth zoned residential. There’s the ESA Moon Village, and Robert Zubrin’s Mars Direct. A good vision is a story you tell.  one that can be backed up with some […]

Looking at Houses

After more than 3 years in Ottawa we are committing to the city as the place we want to stay for a while. Ottawa has a nice balance of amenities, culture, history, family friendliness, outdoor activities and tech ecosystem. Being along the east coast provides plenty of opportunity for driving travel trips. So I got […]

Early Mornings

Since starting the new job, I’ve had to shift my gym routine from mid-afternoons to early mornings at 6am. I’ve always preferred to be an early morning person, or at least I like to think that I am. Successful people wake up early right? Anyway, making my morning routine work is 100% about preparation and […]