More Exercise Needed

Since I stopped running due to ankle pain several years ago nothing has really filled the void of regular exercise to keep me fit and healthy. For several months now I’ve been more conscious of the aches and pains and generally feeling kind of gross. So as I start to shift into a new daily […]

iPad Sketching

A couple of weeks ago I went out and got an iPad; the new 2018 model that works with the Apple Pencil. It finally checked all the boxes for me for a good tablet at a reasonable price and could replace my 5 year old Google Nexus tablet. The feature that really piqued my interest […]

Summer Road Trips

When we got a new car last year one of the factors in deciding between all the possible options was that we wanted to spend time doing more road trips. The east coast opens up a lot travel opportunities that we did not have in Alberta. With a new comfortable car we are planning to […]

Mechanical Engineering

Over the last few weeks I have been developing my idea for a space transit technology that could deliver people and cargo to space or to the other side of the planet for 1% of the projected best estimates for SpaceX’s BFR. It’s doable without exotic materials like nano-tube ribbons that are needed for a […]

More Variety and Influence

Since pivoting to take my work in a more entrepreneurial direction 4 weeks ago I have had the opportunity to take on a broader set of responsibilities beyond just writing code. Over the last few weeks I have been assisting two new companies with some design work on company logos, pitch decks, websites, social media […]