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  • Google Translate API Python Script

    Ok, so this isn’t my script but it’s a much nicer version of the one I wrote that scrapes the actual Google translate website to do the same thing. I’d like to thank Ashish Yadav for writing and sharing this. Translating text is an easy way to create variations of content that is recognized as […]

  • Get Your ClickBank Transactions Into Sqlite With Python

    Clickbank is an amazing service that allows anyone to easily to either as a publisher create and sell information products or as an advertiser sell other peoples products for a commission. Clickbank handles the credit card transactions, and refunds while affiliates can earn as much as 90% of the price of the products as commission. […]

  • Advanced Bit.ly Link Tracking Techniques

    Bit.ly offers a very simple API for creating short URLs. The service can also provide you with some basic click statistics. Unfortunately there are a few missing pieces to the API. To get around that you’ll have to keep a list of bit.ly links you want to track. Depending on your situation you may need […]