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  • NLP Copywriting

    Just a quick link to post. Dr. Harlan Kilstein is an NLP practitioner that specializes in using NLP techniques to make your copywriting sing.  He’s currently in the middle of a 30 day video series that is packed with useful tips about how to write better copy. If you haven’t heard of NLP you are […]

  • Copywriters you should Know

    My corner of the internet is buzzing these days about the importance of learning how to be a good copywriter. In fact there are a number of products about copywriting that are in the launch phase or still in development by various marketers. The importance of having good copy can not be underestimated. Well written […]

  • Who writes telemarketing scripts?

    I’ve been learning a lot about copywriting lately by listening to some of the world’s best copywriters namely John Carlton, and Gary Halbert. I’ve read a number of books on the subject of sales and selling and marketing. Though I wouldn’t consider myself to be a good copywriter I have developed a sense of what […]