October 4, 2022

What I’ve learned about Brand Marketing

Brand marketing is the process by which a name/image/logo/product is associated for commercial purposes. This process is fundamentally the same as how we understand new words […]
August 6, 2009

Automatically Respond to Twitter Messages

I was a bit hesitant to post this script since it is such a powerful marketing tool that it could be used very badly in the […]
January 29, 2009

NLP Copywriting

Just a quick link to post. Dr. Harlan Kilstein is an NLP practitioner that specializes in using NLP techniques to make your copywriting sing.  He’s currently […]
June 24, 2008

How you should use 80/20 to start and grow a business FAST

When it comes to getting your business profitable the 80/20 rule can be used as a guide to determine how you should manage your time. What […]
April 4, 2008

Who writes telemarketing scripts?

I’ve been learning a lot about copywriting lately by listening to some of the world’s best copywriters namely John Carlton, and Gary Halbert. I’ve read a […]