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  • Find Links on Del.icio.us with a Python Script

    In yet another of my series of web scrapers this time I’m posting some code that will scrape links from delicious.com. This is a pretty cool way of finding links that other people have found relevant. And this could be used to generate useful content for visitors. You could easily add this to a WordPress […]

  • RSS Twitter Bot in Python

    I was a little bored today and decided to write up a simple script that pushes RSS feed information out to Twitter and manages to keep track of the history so that tweets are not sent out more than once. It was actually a very trivial little script to write but it could actually be […]

  • YouTube Search Results into Database

    I discovered this very handy trick for getting relevant YouTube videos in an RSS feed and I have used it to build up some very powerful blog posting scripts to grab relevant content for some blogs that I have.  It could also be helpful to pull these into an RSS Reader to quickly skim the […]