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  • Free Coding

    Getting into the flow or zone as a coder is when you are your most productive and code spews from your fingers into your favourite text editor as fast as you can type. When in the zone you can seemingly pour out 100’s of lines of code in no time. But how do you get […]

  • Source Code Available on Bitbucket

    Someone asked me to make the source code available in a repository somewhere. One place to grab all the scripts I’ve shared on this blog. Well I’m starting to make them available on bitbucket.org. So far thirteen scripts have been published to the repository and are available using Mercurial (hg) or through the web interface. […]

  • Twitter Signature Image PHP Script

    This script will create an image on the fly of a users most recent twitter message.  It could be used as an email or forum signature or any place that allows you to embed a custom image such as on a blog or website. I saw a website that did this the other day and […]

  • Blog Auto-Posting Robot… Interested?

    Over the past year I’ve hacked together a program to help me maintain a lot of blogs without actually having to write posts for them.  The idea was to just refresh them with relevant, good quality information with zero input from me. As a result I have built up a piece of software that reliably […]