Training Your Mind

The human mind is fascinating in so many ways. I often like to invision the brain as an input/output machine with some internal loops to self-reflect and generate its own internal inputs. Inputs to the brain come from our senses – what we see, hear, smell, touch. Those inputs will physically modify your brain as […]

Future of Work

When looking at how automation, robotics and AI will change the future of how people work and what jobs they will have there seems to be two main camps of thought: Capitalistic/Free Market view that looking back at the history of economic transitions have shown that each time we faced productivity improvements there were always […]

Pace of Innovation

Our ability to be productive is the most critical metric that determines quality of life. It’s a fundamental measurement of how the economy is doing, identifys where we are stagnating, and shows where the biggest gains are. There are many factors that go into improving productivity – capital investment in tooling, factories and better software, […]