January 16, 2006

The Plan

Lately I’ve been taking time to think about my plan and my life goals. The job I have has been rather good since I started with […]
January 16, 2006

More Travel

One of the nice things about having money and working for the government is that I have the opportunity to do some travelling. In December I […]
January 12, 2006

Stock Markets 101

Lesson 1: Stocks are addictive. When they’re going up it feels good, safe, and you feel confident. When they’re going down there’s stress and self doubt. […]
January 4, 2006


The income numbers that I did A while back had some issues. So I’ve decided to look at them in a different light and see if […]
January 3, 2006

Movie Making

Ok, so my track record for following through with my plans has not been so good lately. The jewelry making stopped after 2 silver rings, the […]
January 1, 2006


Here’s a picture of my new snowboard which I am extremely excited about getting to use at Sugarloaf in March.
December 28, 2005

Christmas cheer

Christmas was, as always, great. Friends are home for the holidays, Family get togethers were as good as they always are. There was an endless supply […]
December 22, 2005

I’m a big idea kind of guy.

I just had another big idea. a web based visio type program. doable? well only with firefox 1.5. I couldn’t find anyone else working on anything […]
December 22, 2005

How much money do I really need?

A posting that I read this morning inspired me to think about what kind of income I need in order to meet my life goals. So […]