May 7, 2013

Fermenter Project Status

I ordered all the electronic parts I need for my Fermenter project over the weekend.  Hopefully all those bits should arrive this week so I can […]
April 26, 2013

Successful first early morning run

Not sure why I didn’t start doing this years ago. Finished 4Km at an average pace of 6:58/km.  The hills killed me, and there’s a lot […]
April 25, 2013

Operation: Take Back the Morning

For over a month now I have been lacking the will power and motivation to progress on my app development businesses.  The biggest change in that time has […]
April 21, 2013

ECA stack results

So it slipped my mind to write about the results from my month long experiment on taking the ECA stack. It started off with a great […]
April 13, 2013

Thinking of Selling My Motorcycle

The thought occurred to me today that chances are I won’t be taking a long motorcycle trip for a while.  Having an adventure touring bike is a bit […]
April 8, 2013


Bitcoin has been in the news a lot lately and I’ve finally got into the game with a small investment to play with. Bitcoin is a […]
April 6, 2013

Mining Space Resources

I think the biggest opportunity of space is that it contains lots of plentiful and valuable resources. To understand why space provides a key source of […]
April 2, 2013

Andromeda’s Savior v1.1

A late night of coding produced the first update to Andromeda’s Savior submitted to iTunes. This new version brings a health bar, a bunch of new […]
March 29, 2013

Space Base Solar

The thing most surprising about space is the scale.  Everything is unbelievably vast, massive, and powerful.  It is as close to unlimited as there is. Earth on the […]