May 4, 2012

New RRSP investment strategy

I’ve decided that my current investment strategy for my RRSP investments of set it and forget it just hasn’t been performing very well. The new strategy […]
May 1, 2012

Going vegetarian

It was several years ago now that I did a dietary experiment and only ate meat for a month. It was shortly after reading the book […]
April 25, 2012

RRSPs vs TFSA vs Mortgage Payment

It’s that time of the year to file taxes and I have heard, read and discussed about which is the best place to save money. Before […]
April 17, 2012

Working on Zombie Tap Out

For the past week I have been putting in some time working on Art for a game. I think it’s looking really good so far – […]
April 12, 2012

MintChip Challenge

Last week the Royal Canadian Mint launched a competition to generate some buzz, and proof of concept ideas for their new form of currency called MintChip: […]
April 9, 2012

Re-reading Emergency

The book Emergency by Neil Strauss is about one man’s journey to be self sufficient in the event of an emergency.  He goes to great lengths […]
April 7, 2012

Learning to Animate

I’m continually re-learning just how difficult it is to do a good job on the artwork for a game.  Photoshop and Illustrator are fairly intense tools […]
March 29, 2012

Getting Back in Shape

After a personally disappointing result from the St. Patrick’s Day 10K it’s become apparent that I have gotten out of shape.  Starting this on Monday this week […]
March 20, 2012

Got Apple TV

I don’t like TV.  It is a time sink that prevents me from getting things done like getting in shape, finishing my software projects, or practising on […]