December 21, 2010

Bottled Our First Wine

Over the weekend we bottled our first batch of homemade wine. It’s pretty easy to do and the wine even from our cheap kit turned out […]
December 16, 2010

Four Hour Body

Tim Ferriss’s new book The Four Hour Body is one that I pre-ordered a couple months ago the moment I heard about it. It was delivered […]
December 11, 2010

Ready for Christmas in Calgary

This is our first Christmas in Calgary and the first in our new home. We spent the day today putting up the tree and decorating the […]
December 3, 2010

Being Productive

The last few weeks have been very productive. I have been getting a lot of stuff done for my new website. This is an idea that […]
November 25, 2010

Power of the Unstoppable Two

Power of the unstoppable two is an idea I heard about recently that is quite intriguing. Two people form a relationship based on a lot of […]
November 21, 2010

Winter Tires

To anyone looking for the best deals on winter tires. It’s worth considering buying them online. We went to costco to price out some tires yesterday. […]
November 17, 2010

Finding a Mastermind

In Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, he talks about the importance of a mastermind to being successful in reaching your goals. A mastermind is […]
November 15, 2010

Getting Connected

One thing that came out of my recent trip to Scottsdale was a new appreciation for networking. Seeing people everywhere meeting, exchanging business cards and doing […]
November 9, 2010

Brewing Wine

Now that we have the space to do it Heather and I have started to make our own wine. There are several benefits to making your […]