July 20, 2009

No Doubt

I wish I had some pictures to share of the No Doubt concert we went to on Saturday night. It was a great show with lots […]
July 14, 2009

created a new website last night

I have been on a bit of a role lately. My renewed interest in posting content to halotis.com has sparked some creativity.  I have been spending […]
July 14, 2009

Bidding on some websites

With my stocks cashed in (probably just in time for a huge market rally) I started looking for other investments. The idea of buying websites was […]
July 10, 2009

Blog Traffic Growth

I’ve been having an exciting couple of weeks as my websites have been gaining some traction and seeing a good spike in traffic across the board. […]
July 7, 2009

Selling Stocks Takes Longer Than I Thought

It has taken 1 week from the time I sold my stocks to when the money arrived in my account. Though the holiday last week added […]
July 6, 2009

new Running Shoes

I’m really liking the trend that running shoe designers have been taking in the last year or so. The new running shoes are extremely lightweight and […]
July 2, 2009

Halotis.com is now profitable

One small but significant milestone has been reached in July. The blog at halotis.com is now profitable for the first time ever! For the past 4 […]
July 1, 2009


I sold my stocks yesterday. I had 200 stocks of AIG the big insurance company and the stocks were floating around $1.50 since I bought them […]
June 30, 2009

June Net Worth Update (+15%)

I sold my stocks today but haven’t yet juggled around all the cash into my other accounts. I am in the middle of a great simplification […]