July 31, 2008

Dropping the Pounds

I hit a wall with my weight loss from the running I’d been doing at 175lbs. And that’s where I stayed for several months despite extra […]
July 31, 2008

Net Worth Update: Flat

Net worth was basically unchanged this month. Increased savings were offset by a drop in the value of my stocks, and buying the train tickets for […]
July 30, 2008

Got a Blackberry

So I finally had to cave and get a BlackBerry for work. I had been avoiding getting one for the longest time just because I new […]
July 30, 2008

Selling Stuff

Yesterday was a good day for selling stuff. On Monday I posted my old laptop for sale on Craigslist. Within a couple of hours it was […]
July 29, 2008

Taking from the Homeless

Ok, so it was an interesting weekend. A Saturday morning bikeride started great. Breakfast on Granville island followed by an omnimax film about climbing The Igor […]
July 29, 2008

Going Low Carb

I picked up a book last week after it was recommended to me by Tim Ferris on his blog. The book is called Protein Power, written […]
July 22, 2008

Think it’s all figured out and stuff

Got the theme stuff all done on halotis.com. I think it looks much better now. Last night we went to see the U2 concert at the […]
July 21, 2008

Why does Internet Explorer suck so badly

Because I try to avoid using internet explorer as much as possible (and I hope you do the same) I never noticed that the theme changes […]
July 19, 2008

HalOtis theme

Just finished doing some tweaking to the theme on halotis.com. I converted it to use the CSS from the YUI project. The problem with the old […]