More Variety and Influence

Since pivoting to take my work in a more entrepreneurial direction 4 weeks ago I have had the opportunity to take on a broader set of responsibilities beyond just writing code. Over the last few weeks I have been assisting two new companies with some design work on company logos, pitch decks, websites, social media […]

Time To Read

For the last 2 weeks I have been working half days. And with the remainder of my time I have been able to focus on some education. As much as I usually appreciate quickness of getting things done, and the minimum viable product approach to building software it often leads to missteps.  Not knowing what […]

Spring Finally Sprung

It seemed like an excessively long winter, but the temperatures have finally cracked and today was the first day that didn’t require a jacket to feel comfortable. Over the weekend we washed the car and I prepped my motorcycle for riding.  The winter tires came off and the BBQ got fired up.  If you can’t […]

Start of a new Chapter

Today was my last day as an employee and the first working for myself. I’ve been talking about and trying to run my own businesses for a decade, finally I had the confidence to fully commit and leave the safety of my job behind. Even before telling anyone the news, things have been starting to […]

Hypothesis Driven Business

Over the last 5 years I’ve had the opportunity to integrate and work with about a dozen different companies – some big, some small, every one of them different from the others. One interesting approach that I have experienced over the last few months by one of those businesses is to take a scientific approach […]

Birthday Wishes

This week I ticked over another year. It forced me to try and think about a gift I’d like for myself.  It is hard. Truth is that most of what I want are accomplishments – things that take time and effort: build a boat run a successful business play some role in colonizing the moon […]

Personal Cloud

It kind of snuck up on me a bit over the years. I have got a rather decent collection of computers running for various different side projects over the years. At home I run a local NAS file server 24/7 for local backups and as a shared place to access files from other computers and […]